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The Young Entrepreneur Spirit

I saw a posted sign for work while I was checking my mail the other day. It really caught my attention and motivated me on what it really means to be an entrepreneur.


A young boy in my neighborhood put up this sign posted for work – he is offering dog walking as a service. At first glance this may just look like nothing, but when you break it down it is actually pretty inspiring – I think all of the young entrepreneurs are pretty inspiring.

Young entrepreneurs all have something in common

– they have a goal or want and are using the skills and abilities at their disposal to achieve them. These are the young children who operate lemonade stands, offer to clean their parents home, additional chores, sell gumballs or any other method of attaining their goal.


Children like most people in this world give up pretty quickly if they are told they can’t have something. Yet there are people like this child who have a want for something more; they analyze their skills and then apply them in a way that they can get what they want.


Carter could have wanted any number of things; a new toy, a new bike, maybe his parents were talking about money, or he just plan wants to add value in a way he knows how to.

There is always some way to apply your circumstances

Most children believe they have few skills at their disposal – so do most people who give up on their wants or even their needs. Yet, when it comes down to it, there is always some way to apply your circumstances in a way that you can earn what you want. I think these young entrepreneurs like Carter are a true inspiration and really give people who say they don’t have the skills any excuse. If you want something you can apply your skills in some way, and excel. So make sure you are always taking your situation and looking at it in every way in which it can be applied -then excel where you want to.

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