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Turning Tomorrow Into Today

Everyone at some point has put something off until “tomorrow”. Whether it’s finishing a report for work, starting a new hobby, or cleaning your car we always say “it can wait”. Many of us don’t start really working on these things until we are crunched with what seems like it is not enough time to finish. The result is generally subpar work, and a much-stressed individual.Now if this is what we are doing to our professional tasks that have deadlines, imagine how many of our personal tasks we are putting off. Maybe you wanted to travel to a new country but told yourself “next year” – or you wanted to join a club and network to meet new friends but told yourself “next month will be better”. It is a cycle that pushes you further and further away from your goals. Once you push something back once it becomes easier to do it again and again until it just falls off your list entirely. Don’t let this happen at work or in your personal life!

 A Good Manager or Teacher

Have you ever had a manager or a teacher who always seemed to be on top of you? Giving due dates and checking up on you to the point it felt overbearing. Well, really what they are doing is trying to set a rhythm in you, an internal clock almost. Giving you a sense of time and understanding when something is due and how long it truly takes to complete that task.  If you have somebody like this in your life, take advantage of what they are trying to teach you. If you don’t, teach yourself!

Add the Ability to Meet Any Goal in Your Life

One of the best ways to finish all of your tasks at a quality level is to set deadlines – just like a good manger or teacher may have done. But this time you are doing it for YOURSELF.

The rule: Once a week, sit down and decide what you want to accomplish in your next time frame. Write down your end goals.

Next: write the steps that you need to take to achieve these goals.

Now is the hard part: You must set the deadlines. You should be realistic so that you are not discouraged and even give yourself some breathing room because things DO go wrong occasionally. With time you will learn what is more realistic for your deadlines.

How to Amplify your Results

As before, you must first make sure that you set realistic deadlines. You can try setting a reward system for things that you find more difficult to gather ambition for. These rewards can be as simple as letting yourself watch your favorite TV show with no distractions or going to happy hour with your friends. A more complex example is to set something distant and large as a reward. Perhaps you set a goal to learn a new language, spice things up and reward yourself by visiting that country and testing out your hard work. Not only does this encourage you to achieve the tasks at hand but it allows you do things in a fully relaxed state which is essential for a highly ambitious person.

In contrast to this, you can also set a punishment if you do not complete a task on time. For instance; you don’t let yourself grab that extra beer after work on Friday or don’t allow yourself to watch TV for a few days.

Overall the idea is to recreate what a good manager or teacher does for you; completing your own timelines to achieve personal tasks and goals. This will allow you to stay on track, and complete the task or goal at hand with results you can be proud of.

Becoming a Great Manager Yourself

The most important thing is that you enforce the tasks. It may seem difficult at first to set and stick to these deadlines you create but repetition is what creates habits. If you do follow the ideas presented you will soon find yourself being a better manager to yourself and in the process learning how to be a better manager to others.

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  1. It seems the battle is in the mind,you must be your goal,your goal must be you.you never see it distant and you never wait for the sunrise and make it happen.

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