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TGIF!! How To Be a Weekend Warrior

WHOO! It’s Friday! Where are you going to happy hour? What are you going to wear to the club tonight? Who should you ask on a date this weekend? These are typical kinds of questions that go through an average persons head on a Friday afternoon

To most, Friday signifies the start of a relaxation period, a time to let loose. But to some –what we at AmbitionDaily like to call ADers – it signifies a time to work on projects they otherwise don’t have time for. They see Friday as a opportunity to apply themselves to new challenges.

This is the start of an ADer –

Someone who is addicted to applying themselves and finding new ways to create challenges. The idea of a “To Do Item” keeps popping up around them. 

Do something about it

It’s not a surprise nowadays to hear someone complain about their job or that they aren’t enjoying their current line of work. What can be a bit shocking is that not too many people are doing something to change this. Instead of grabbing that beer at 5 o’clock on Friday after work to talk about how hard your boss was on you today or how swamped you were with reports, why not set your sights a little higher. If you know you aren’t happy,  change it.


The people who consistently know what they want and make a plan to go after it aren’t looking up happy hours on Friday, they are creating a list of what they want to get accomplished. They are thinking of what they can do with all of this free time – how can it help them get to the next promotion.

Start the Process

I encourage you to focus on not just using the weekend as a time to relax but thinking how you can be an ADer as well. Make a few points that you want to accomplish this weekend and get them done. This is how you can become a true “Weekend Warrior” getting closer and closer to your goals.




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