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Surfing Stress Waves

This is quite a funny topic for me to write about because all I can think about is last week and how rough the waters were! I like to refer to stressful times as “stress waves”. Sometimes a week can be filled with so many “stress waves” that later you sit back and laugh about it. However, overcoming these waves is no easy task. Sometimes the swell can go beyond one week. So how do the ambitious ride these waves out? How do those that focus on positivity put a smile on when their confidence is tested? I want to share with you some research I found as well as some of my own insight.

What to think about when a wave is approaching:

  • Stay Focused on Your Brand!
  • Stay Bold!
  • The Law of the Picture

Your Brand

I think one of the most difficult things to do while going through a “stress wave” is to maintain our brands to the quality that we uphold them to be. I run a campaign on Twitter that encompasses positive thinking. I believe that people need to be reminded to think positive everyday so that they become more positive and more efficient in their respective everyday life. However, I struggled with maintaining my brand this past week. I thought to myself, “would I be a hypocrite to tell others to think positive when I was struggling to do so?” Looking back on my values snapped me out of doubting myself. I had to look back on what I was preaching and act on it! When approaching a “stress wave” we have to hold our values true to ourselves in order to ride out the wave. We have to focus on our brands and stick to our core values.

Being Bold

According to Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, leaders must enter every action with boldness. “Everyone admires the bold; no one honors the timid.” Every “stress wave” comes in a different size but size is of the least importance. It is the size of your confidence that is important. How bold are you? How bold does the wave require you to be? No matter what, we have to keep in mind Robert Greene’s 28th Law, Enter Action with Boldness. We have to be bold so that our followers realize they are in good hands!

The Law of the Picture

A leader’s greatest victories are the victories over themselves. John Maxwell’s the “Law of the Picture” means “people do what people see”. It becomes our responsibility as leaders to ride these stress waves. As leaders, we are responsible for who we are, for what we do, for what we have received and for those that we lead. It is our responsibility to accept that we have to deal with the stress. It is our responsibility to stay true to our brand and put personal issues aside. It becomes our responsibility to conquer the stress wave so that our followers have something to mirror when they come across their own wave.  The question lies in whether or not we can be a Kodak moment for our followers? Can we put up or shut up?

Keep these things in mind. When approaching stressful situations, we have a responsibility to tackle them. We have a responsibility to stay focused on our brands, be bold, and be a Kodak moment for our followers. We are leaders, we are ambitious and therefore any “stress wave” can be surfed! #ThinkPositive

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