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Know Your Strengths and Succeed


Have you ever felt that you had strengths that allowed you to perform above average without really needing to work at it? Have you ever spent enormous amounts of time battling your weaknesses yet only seeing marginal improvement? Then this article is for you.

Much of this article is based on the research and information provided in [amazon asin=”B001CDZZI6&text=”Strengths Finder”]. The premise of this book is that too many people are taught to focus on overcoming adversity and purposefully taking the hard route. While this may be noble in some instances, in many it is horribly inefficient and takes much away from your potential.

Many know the story of Rudy – a football player at Notre Dame. Rudy was 5’6” and attempting to play in a leagues that held some of the best football players in the college division. Although he had tremendous spirit he was only allowed to participate in 3 plays and although he was partially successful in short time the question is – what if he had applied all that effort to something he had a true strength in rather than something that had the odds heavily against him?


In [amazon asin=”B001CDZZI6&text=”Strengths Finder”]– you are encouraged to take the test and determine what your natural strengths are. Then rather than coast along on these you are encouraged to invest your energy and allow them to excel to great heights. Think along the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Cuban. These greats of our time had strengths in coding, marketing, and business skills. Yet rather than sit back and leave their strengths where they found them, they poured countless hours into perfecting them to new levels that the world had yet to see. 

So next time you are struggling to develop a new skill or overcome some task, think to yourself and ask: Is this the best way to apply my time? You may be surprised by your response. Take the time to more than perfect your strengths, making yourself unstoppable and not wasting time on your weaknesses.



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