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You are Set for SUCCESS!

The opportunity of success outweighs the chances of failure. This is an underlying principle that defines why those who take risk and those who consistently get up and keep going generally succeed.

Success and failure are defined by a simple concept.

You can only lose so much but the ability to gain is unlimited. Look at the examples – from a boxer to famous entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump. If a boxer takes a fight where he is seen as the underdog and loses, he is not seen any different after the fight. But if he WINS, he is seen in a new light and gains much more than he could have lost.

A precautionary note – outright this is more applicable to those who have not attained their goal for success, it is for those who want to make at least 7 figures a year and are currently making less than 6. Because the simple concept of ‘you can only lose so much but the ability to gain is unlimited’ begins to lean closer and closer to equal. For instance if you are a wealthy individual who has attained 10 million in assets and you take a lean on your fixed assets and use all of your liquid assets and the project goes under you have lost a lot more than the 25 year old who has only dedicated only hours of work. This can be the case with startups – many pay their employees in equity in return for hours of labor. The young entrepreneur who pours nothing but time into the project in return for the chance to own a portion of a successful company has little to lose while the investor that funds the project and pours in 10 million to finance it has much more.

“I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up.”

Yet even if you have been successful in your goals and have attained such value – it does not mean that you need to stop taking risk – it just means that you need to make sure you define the risk in much more detail prior to taking them. Whereas the young college student can make an impulse decision and invest 5,000 or devote time; the wealthy individual needs to run through the benefits and possible cost. What will happen if this project goes bust – making sure that they are not taking on too much risk to their nest egg. Look to the likes of Harrison Ford – he continually tried new ideas and pushed himself as an individual, quoted as saying “I realized early on that success was tied to not giving up. Most people in this business gave up and went on to other things. If you simply didn’t give up, you would outlast the people who came in on the bus with you.”- Harrison Ford.  So keep on trying new things, expecting some to fail, some to have moderate success, and one or a few to have above average or even great success.

The true entrepreneur never fails – at most they are at a new pivot for success.

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