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The Secret About Guaranteed Success

Sink your success-striving jaws into this solid article of hearty meat of nothing but lean #ambition. Learn what you should know about the path to attaining success.

Success is Not Guaranteed 

Yep, you guessed it- The secret is that there is no secret. Success in and of itself can not be guaranteed. The best you can do is increase the probability.

If you are searching for a step-by-step process that will end with success, you will never find a guaranteed solution. If there was one – most everyone would be on it.

For instance:  a college degree allows you to increase the odds of success to fall closer in your favor.

-people see you as educated, knowledgable and committed.

-networking (meeting of other people on the same route)

-Interaction skills

Even with this great addition to ones path to success it has been proven that it can fall short. There are plenty of unemployed, unhappy people who are no closer to success than when they first walked into a freshman class.

Opportunity Cost

Know that everything you do in attempting to attain success has a risk – most importantly: opportunity cost.

A couple instances are:

-Attaining an MBA or post-graduate degree- it takes time and money.

-Staying at a stable job with steady income – rather than joining a start up or taking a chance

This is not to discourage you from taking risk but to stimulate it and recgonize that by not risking; you are taking the biggest risk of all – you are not increasing your probability of success and therefore have the odds stacked against you.

Hard Work is Only a Part of it

Hard work alone does not equal success. You could do 10X the work of another employee but they may have had better networking and people skills that landed them the promotion ahead of you. They took the risk to not work an extra hour each day and instead research and practice people skills. On the other hand you may have a boss that respects the extra hour so much that you are promoted and the other person was repremanded for their lack of work.

If you start a new study or try to get a new license, you are risking time for increased probability.

Remember that there is no definite path and sometimes what gets you there is what other would have seen as guaranteed failure. Some people even saw dropping out of school as a necessary risk to pursue what their passion was.  (both Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg to name a few)

So strive towards success but know that there is always a risk that you need to be taking to step toward it. Understand these risks and know that many times the biggest payoffs occur when you take the largest risk.

Win the Greater War

The purpose of this article is to encourage you to accept failure – because if you are aiming for success over and over again there is an undeniable likelihood that you will meet defeat whether by your own doing or by outside factors. The truly successful people accept this small loss and move forward to win the greater war.

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