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The Rock & The Rose

In the weeks that have passed I have been sitting back and reflecting on what I can write about for a new post for all you ADers and I finally have something to share with you all! I have a story about a rock and a rose.


When I was in high school I was given the opportunity to give a talk on the subject, the rock and the rose. It was a talk that took a lot of courage and strength to give because of the personal content I had to share.  I am not going to share the content, just the mere meaning behind the connection between the rock and the rose.

There comes a time in our lives when the ambitious hit roadblocks.

These roadblocks can be very difficult to get through and can eventually wear us down. They become burdens on our shoulders that are tough to carry and sometimes the idea of moving forward becomes nearly impossible. This feeling ladies and gentlemen is what it feels like to be a rock. That feeling is lonely, dark, difficult, rough, emotional, etc.  For some it is Everest and the mere goal of reaching its peak becomes a figment of our imagination. The real question lies in how we blossom into a rose from this nasty pathetic state of a rock.


There are some things I think about when I am exploring a plan to pursue and grow.  I think about perseverance and conditioning. I think about my surroundings, the environment that has been my habitat. Most of all I think about the time when that seed will be planted.

Where the Answer Lies:

The answer lies in working with one another and depending on each other. I believe that no one succeeds without help. It takes a network to plant the seed! We blossom into roses by the contributions of others.


To be Ambitious Means to be:

determined, grand, go-getting, ruthless, striving, motivated, aspiring, etc. Looking at this definition, it becomes more clear that an ADer must share his or her determination, ruthlessness, go-getting attitude, motivation, and aspirations because only then will there be fewer rocks and boulders and only then will the fields be pollinated to grow into the visions that all us ADers foresee.

I Leave You With This:

Go forth and share your story, share your inspiration, share your trials and difficulties.

If you find yourself stuck like a rock, remember that you are not alone! Use your network and share your roadblocks! For all you roses out there, remember you did not make it alone. Listen, plant the seed, pollinate, and contribute! Luckily for us there is an “I” and a “T” in ambitious. Everyone has a little bit of ambition in them, but it takes a team to truly blossom and as always #ThinkPositive.

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