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You Can Accomplish Anything…

With Passion and Determination.

Tasks that can seem daunting or even impossible can still be accomplished if you are able to apply passion and determination. Recently a 17 year old girl from Florida won her Google Science Fair project by constructing a artificial “brain” that is able to more accurately than current commercial methods assess tissue samples for signs of breast cancer. This is no minor feat: especially for a young girl to have accomplished.

[media-credit name=”Andrew Federman / Google” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]This article will serve to show how some major elements – determination, curiosity, and passion contributed to such an endeavor.

Desire is necessary.

First in order for Brittany Wenger to have completed such a task she needed desire.  Here desire for this particular project can seen when she noted the fact that breast cancer affects one in eight women worldwide, including members of her family.

“Early detection is really important,” Wenger said. “And that is what I’m trying to do with my neural network.”

Set a goal.

This allowed her to set a goal: to create a way for more doctors to use a minimally invasive procedure, called Fine Needle Aspirate, for the process of having lumps examined.

Essential elements of the ambitious process.

A desire and dream are essential to have as part of an overall ambitious process and achieving goals but they are only a part. Passion and determination are what take a dream to reality.

When Brittany was in just the seventh grade she was introduced to artificial intelligence and was immediately drawn to it.

“I came across artificial intelligence and was just enthralled. I went home the next day and bought a programming book and decided that was what I was going to teach myself to do,” she said.

You need to act.

Her passion drew her to act: going out and purchasing a book to teach herself programming. She had the determination to see her passion through and acquire the skills, the programming needed to be a part of the field. In only the seventh grade she was able to begin teaching herself programming and concepts behind artificial intelligence. It can be drawn that this was no easy task and that without the determination to push through errors and set backs she would not have exceled this far.

With her skills she was able to apply herself and accomplish her original goal and satisfy her desire. A circular process that takes all of the elements of success and ambition can be clearly exhibited by this young girl.

For more information on this story you can access the original article here.

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