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Living Beyond Limits by Compelled Creativity

We all have a story that we have been working on since the day we were born. Every story has its challenges and obstacles.  However, why don’t we count challenges and obstacles as blessings? Why do we think of these things negatively?

Amy Purdy is the Definition of Ambition.

Is it because they cause frustration, headaches, heartache, pain, despair, etc? Or is it because it forces us to be creative? It is not the challenge or obstacle that gives us all that negativity. Rather, it is the challenge to be creative that compels us to overcome those negative ideas and feelings.  Our negative thoughts and emotions make our minds incapable of taking advantage of these obstacles and challenges as nothing but creative opportunities. So, will you let a challenge or obstacle stop you in your tracks or will you be creative like Amy Purdy?

“If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?” Amy Purdy is the definition of ambition. She exemplifies what it means to live beyond limits and her book is well worth a good read. Her story is all about taking what life throws at you, persevering, and conquering it.

Legs Lost at 19, But Not Her Ambition.

Having lost her legs at the age of 19, due to meningitis, Amy broke down. Hopelessness overcame her and disparity took control of her life. It is in these moments that life truly tests all of us and Amy’s passion is what tested her. Her passion for snowboarding forced her to ask herself if she had the will power to be creative and get back on the slopes. Amy’s response to that was back-to-back to world cup gold medals and being ranked the top adaptive female snowboarder in the world! To learn more about Amy and get some more detail on her story, check out the video.

So what can we take away?

Challenges and obstacles are blessings. They force us to be creative. So create, live, write your story and as always, #ThinkPositive!


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2 Comments on “Living Beyond Limits by Compelled Creativity

  1. Great message Danny!!!!! What a great journey for Amy. PMA baby, always believe in it!!!

  2. Amy you are magical and so beautiful, god bless you for spreading the power of believing and imagination.

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