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“It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

I once heard someone say, “Activity is important to the maintenance of anything.”  Furthermore, if we don’t keep moving we will eventually go down.  Life will take its course and we will be caught in the danger of doing nothing.  No matter what life throws our way, we must find the motivation to move forward – sometimes, despite the pain.  Take my father for example.

He Knows No Other Way.

My father is paraplegic.  For nearly his entire life he has had to walk using crutches.  He knows no other way.  During my lifetime alone, he has had surgery on his back more than 10 times.  I have spent countless days and hours with my father as his back was cut open for another surgery.  It is easy to believe medical advice following a major surgery would be to ‘rest’.  As a family we would encourage my father to rest as much as he could, thinking that by just laying there and being still, this will allow one to heal more swiftly.  Knowing that movement often creates pain, this was our reasoning as to why we believed rest was so critical.  Oh, were we wrong.  What we didn’t understand was that being forced to be still, lie down, and have minimal activity was extremely nerve wrecking – and in many ways can do more harm than good.

Here’s the thing.  Nothing happens if you do nothing!  After each surgery, though he is very tired, my father wants to move.  He wants to be mobile.  Even with pain in his body, he wants to move around.  When this happens that doctor, after performing a successful surgery, and despite what we may think, often says to my father:

 “It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

In other words slight pain was inevitable – but pain is part of the process in our quest for greatness.  This pain he endured wasn’t going to further hurt his body; it actually helped.

Things May be Uncomfortable

And so it is with our lives.  Change, transitions, new experiences, etc. are needed for growth.  Things may be uncomfortable, things may seem different and there may be a little bit of pain, but keep in mind: “It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

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2 Comments on ““It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

  1. This article is almost a mirror of my own life experience. I am even currently on crutches indefinitely and have been for the past 2 and a half months. I have many chronic health problems that plague me every single day. Thank you for sharing your father’s story. It definitely helped me to keep my head up and be inspired.
    I have a saying: Inspiration + Encouragement = Motivation! Your story definitely inspired me and encouraged me to keep moving forward always, don’t look down and never look back. I pray your dad stays motivated and positive! You are a great support! I pray you continue to be strong and know you are making a huge difference!

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