The Inception of Motivation

The Inception of Motivation

“How can I create motivation?”

When we reach our lowest point and struggle there is always one question that comes to mind, “how can I create motivation?” It is a question that we stumble over because of how mysterious motivation can seem; however, the reason we stumble is because many of us do not know the inception of motivation.

Motivation is created through change. You may ask, well how can that be? Well you see we get caught up in trying to motivate ourselves before actually changing something about our lives. Motivation’s inception comes after the decision to change your life! How can that be true? Let’s take a glimpse at what is happening in London.

All these athletes were dealt a hand of cards.

The 2012 Olympics just finished being hosted by London.   Now, some of the most inspiring athletes get to compete at the 2012 Paralympics, which are finishing up  as we speak. The Paralympics are the Olympic Games for athletes with a physical or intellectual disability. This event is one to be truly admired because of the amount of obstacles these athletes have faced and the perseverance they have displayed to overcome them. How can the Paralympics compare to motivation’s inception?  Well, all these athletes were dealt a hand of cards. That hand, although it came with its imperfections, is the only hand they would ever be dealt. They took it for what it was and decided to change something about it. They could not physically change the circumstances of their situation, but they accepted it in their hearts and in their minds! That acceptance is the change that created their motivation.

They say that:

“Change is one of the biggest fears.”

However, with the right attitude anything is truly possible! We are responsible for our attitudes, our lives, and our future! Make something amazing of it.  Change for the better.  Change for the future.  Change and be motivated! #ThinkPostive

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3 Comments on “The Inception of Motivation

  1. What a great example Danny!!! Human mind is the most powerful tool one can use to accomplish any set goal or goals. XXOO

  2. Awesome and inspiring Danny. I can’t believe all of the stories behind the Paralympics. These people have really touched my life, and I tip my hat to each of them. Keep up the good work.

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