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What is Greed and is it Good?

Within Context, is Greed all that Bad?

As the host of this interview (Phil Donahue) tries to discredit greed, and an “individuals pursuit of their separate interest” and the power of it, the famous economist Milton Friedman shoots him down with some unexpected questions to Phil’s question.

“But it (Greed) seems to reward not virtue as much as it does the ability to manipulate the system,” asked Phil Donahue.
“And what does reward virtue?” retorted Friedman. “Does a communist commisary reward virtue? You think a Hitler rewards virture?”
“The record of history is absolutely crystal clear,”

On your journey as an ambitious, hard working, aspiring for greatness individual; stop and ask yourself,

“Am I greedy enough to change the world?”

Video dates back to 1979.


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One Comment on “What is Greed and is it Good?

  1. Sadly it looks like the politicians and people who feel entitled are is putting chains around the angels that add value to the world.

    Read Atlas Shrugged!!!

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