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When You Have a Goal – Don’t Quit.

This video portrays someone who had a goal to finish an Olympic race. When difficulty struck he did not give up, but through the pain, he pushed forward. He finished where many would have been ready to be taken off the track with assistance from a cart. Take this as an example that no matter how intense the pain or large the obstacle, you can still reach your goal.


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  1. I’m challenged with severe anxiety and depression. April 1 2009 I jumped off a freeway overpass. God and his Angels saved me and showed me, life was worth living. I had to get strong enough to walk again, I WILL never give up. With all of my injuries to my left leg, I have become more and more mobile. Not needing to use my wheelchair as much. TGIM Thank God it’s Monday…….whenever I need more motivation I watch Eric Thomas’ videos. I want it as bad as I want to breath. I am phenomanal I will not be forgotten.

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