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The Fire Within – Fuel for Any Situation

I want to start this article off by walking you through a visual description that you can immerse yourself in.

Begin with the idea that you are hiking on a trail by yourself in the late afternoon. You come to what marks the dead end – a steady flowing river that is ice cold. At this point on the trail there is an enormously large cliff to one side of you and nothing but forest for as far as you can see in the other direction.

The site is beautiful as the sun is beginning to set. As you start to head back along the trail home you hear a rustle in the brush near you. Out comes a wolf with what can easily be read as in his gleaming eye as an intention of making you his next meal. You shout and raise your arms but you quickly realize that this creature has seen these tricks before and will not be backing down. It is slowly moving closer, teeth gnarled, and hair on end with ever sense ready to attack. At this point your options are growing rather few – there is insurmountable wall to your back and ice cold river to your side. Now is the part where choice must come into play. Will you be one to lay down and hope that this situation will dissolve and everything will be better or will you be the person who is ready to make their last ditch effort and give it one last fight before they declare defeat? Let me end with a quote –

“The wolf always carries away the gentle lamb.”

This is a defining moment and can be a great exercise to realize what you would do in such a situation – it does not need to be a wolf in a forest but can be any situation that requires a choice between action and hoping for some unknown solution to appear.

In a situation such as the one visualized above the odds seem certain – a perfectly designed hunter against a hiker that has already hiked up the trail and is worn. Some may think that this is where they give up and lay down – others will see this as the time that they forget how tired they are, how far they have walked, how hungry they are – they begin to think of what they have waiting for them when they get back from this, what other opportunities lie ahead, how they mounted obstacles such as this before. They begin to dig deep and find that energy deep within that fuels like a fire – that for the ambitious can not be put out with ease. They use this fuel to fight this fight and any others that look highly improbably. Then to the surprise of logic and with the help of what can be described as cosmogenicic benevolence; these individuals usually survive and mount a situation to become even stronger than before.

Think of the everyday person who has children, a wife, and many bills to pay. Then to make matters more difficult – they come down with a sickness and because of their missed days at work are eventually laid off. This is a situation where many would lay down and hope that they may win the Powerball or somehow may just work itself out. The man who reaches in and finds the fire to fight this wolf will be going from business to business looking for an opportunity to land everything back on track. With such determination and adversity he will most likely put the odds in his favor to obtain a job of equal quality if not better.


So the next time a situation strikes you during business, with family , or even along a hiking trail that you may think you should just lay down for and let probability take its course ; dig within you and find the fire to put the thought of defeat to bed and

rise above your challenge.

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