Do Dreams Chase Us?

Do Dreams Chase Us?

People talk about chasing their dreams, but have you ever thought about dreams chasing us?

We go through life on autopilot. Holding a job, paying bills, fulfilling all the Shoulds and Have Tos on our list.

But somewhere in the back of our minds there’s a hint of dissatisfaction. We catch ourselves daydreaming, or when we’re stuck in traffic we use the time to imagine the life we could have. What if those instances were more than us just hoping for some luck? What if our dream was trying to break through, trying to grab our attention?

Dreams don’t sleep. Like the poem in the video they fester, boil and hopefully one day explode their way into our daily lives.

You owe it to yourself to listen to that dream. Even if you’re afraid to chase it right now, your dream hasn’t given up on chasing you.

Let your mind go there. It’s the first step to so much more.


Short Author Bio: 

David Ramos is a serial blogger and author of the upcoming book Builder Chaser Dreamer. His goal in writing and sharing what he has learned is to become a dream enabler – helping people create the lives they want from the passions they have. You can read more from him here:

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