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The Difference Between Success and Failure

Choosing how you interpret a situation  can be the difference between success or failure. Do you see things as a constant opportunity, as a constant positive? One of the best qualities that ambitious and successful people can have in their favor is a positive attitude. “Is your attitude worth catching?”


We all fall victim to slumps and negative pits – but you need to know when you are in a slump and most importantly how to get out. I had the recent experience of not realizing that I was in a slump. Sometimes we are expecting more from a situation, sometimes we had a down day and never quite figure out what went wrong. Then we we start looking for anything to put us in the mood. We start looking for a chance to take our frustrations out – most of the time not at the right target.


ambitionAsk yourself this

– who would you rather be around? The person who right when they walk in says “The weather is downright mucky today and the traffic on the way here was horrible”. Does this cause your excitement and enthusiasm to jump? Or how about the person who walks and says “ Wow this weather is great for reading or for making a slip n’ slide” Obviously the second person feels lighter and is easier to be around.


If you radiate a positive attitude it will be infectious to those around you. When you carry your positive attitude it can help you win a debate, influence someone to go along with an idea they may have not had the courage or excitement to, and much more. The bottom line is an attitude can work wonders while a slump can’t cause much more than the opposite. People will begin to avoid you – why would you make the effort to see someone who consistently brings you down?


How to get out of your slump and how to avoid one in the first place.

I asked one of the consistently happier people I know how they go through every day with such a positive attitude. Their response was that every morning they prepare to have 5 people ruin their day. For example the first one may be the lady who cuts them off in traffic or the person who took the last cup of morning coffee. Well, he was already prepared for some of these things to happen so they just roll right off, not getting in the way of a positive day.

If you’re not happy with something – find a way to change it.

If there is something you want to do – well then the solution is to start experimenting ways to accomplish it. Find out a few different ways to try, keep working at it, and before you know it you will be much closer than you thought so soon. Give it a try!

Most importantly and what caught me in a slump is to know what truly aggravated you; sometimes you just have a down day and can’t quite figure Ambitionout what went wrong. Some people’s response to this and one that you need to watch is that you don’t channel it at the wrong target. You’re not always going to be able to solve every problem or  even find out why something didn’t go your way.

Look to those around you and use your new positive attitude to not only pull yourself out of a slump but to give them what they deserve too. If you have someone great don’t risk losing him or her because you are comfortable enough with them that you don’t fear taking your frustrations out on them. If you are this comfortable with someone you shouldn’t be able to help but feel happy and fortunate around them. 


So remember to stay out of slump in the first place, be prepared for  some things to go wrong.  Then if you are in one – make first and foremost that you are not ruining something good by channeling negatives the wrong way and then start focusing on what you can do to change the situation. With the right attitude, success will surely follow.


Make a statement to not let yourself be that negative person and to never bring those around you down. 

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