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If you want to do better…Do Better!

People often complain about their life situations and for a myriad of reasons they allow themselves to “get stuck.” We all deal with trials and tribulations. Adversity is inevitable. It is how we handle adversity and times of hardship that, most often, define us. No one ever said the journey will be easy, but it will be worth it. You just have to keep walking.People often talk about what they want, plan to do, or will start “when things get better.” Talking about it is usually as far as it goes. Fear, often times, stifles progression and paralyzes a person’s willingness and ability to relentlessly pursue excellence.

“victim of the circumstances mindset,”

I often meet people who employ a “victim of the circumstances mindset,” and have a fear of moving beyond what they know (or have been told) in order to grow as a person. This is unacceptable. Life is extremely short and we do ourselves a disservice if we do not take advantage of the time we have to live and not merely exist. We often hear that “life is not about the number of breaths we breathe, but the number of moments that take our breath away.” Life is worth living and if you want to do better…Do Better! Self imposed limits and destructive speech cause many people to be prisoner’s of their own mind. Our outer world is nothing more than an external manifestation of our inner thoughts. Thoughts become things and the spoken word has transformational power. We must do our very best to choose wisely.

Serendipitous events will only take you so far.

It is inarguable that some people are fantastical in their beliefs of metaphysics and the associated understanding that the universe conspires to help those who desire to help themselves. It is equally irrefutable that others lend absolutely no credence to such phenomenology. I am a firm believer that it is of paramount importance to believe that you believe and allow yourself to imagine the possibilities. I recently wrote about the Principle of Cosmogenic Benevolence and talked about how one moves from beginner’s luck to sustained high performance. The foundational theme, empirically and anecdotally, that is associated with becoming a better person and/or achieving success in any particular endeavor is hard work. While the definition of hard work is subjective, there is no debate that it is an absolute necessity to be better and do better. Let me be clear – there is no substitute for deliberate practice and hard work. Hard work is alchemic. Serendipitous events will only take you so far. Knowing people in high places may open doors, but once you are in you have to put in the work. Hope is not an effective or advisable strategy. If you want to do better…Do Better! Even the Bible says, “Faith without work is dead.”

Faith, Desire, Resilience, and Patience

In order to overcome the sometimes paralyzing fear of moving forward and to do better in your chosen venture, it is critically important that you employ faith, desire, resilience, and patience in your pursuit of excellence, however you define it.

Faith has been variably defined as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Regardless of your religious affiliation and/or spiritual ideology, it is a liberating feeling to know that the universe conspires to help. Faith allows you to take chances, continue walking into uncharted territory, accept uncertainty, and believe that once you have done all that you can do on your journey to become and do better, the grand architect of the universe will do the rest.

Desire is necessary for sustained commitment, motivation, and dedication to complete your chosen task. Desire allows you to weather storms, climb mountains, swim against the raging current with not even a thought of succumbing to the raging waters, and graciously handle criticisms that will undoubtedly surface on your voyage to do better. Desire intensifies your focus and is a necessary catalyst for you to achieve successes once unimagined. Desire is the fire that you need in order to carry on despite the real or perceived odds against you. Desire allows you to remain resilient.

Resilience sets those who become better and do better apart from those who fall short of their objectives. Resilience allows you to bend, but never break. Resilience allows you to stand in the middle of a storm and say with a resolute will and determination to carry on at all costs, “Do your worst because when this is over, I will still be here…Standing and stronger than ever before.” Resilience, true grit, is what allows you to view challenges as opportunities. As the wise Confucius once remarked, “It is not the falling down that constitutes failure, but rather the staying down.” Resilience ensures that even if you do fall down or are knocked off balance, you have the dogged determination to get back up and fight on. As I have said before, the brightest diamonds go through the hottest fires and the toughest warriors get the toughest tests. Resilience carries you through the finish line.

Finally, there is patience. We all want what we want when we want it, but sometimes we aren’t ready for it. It’s not always the best idea to even want to eat your dinner before breakfast. We all know that patience is a virtue. In our fast-paced, immediate gratification, and individualistic society, however, there is no time to wait…or so we think. Patience allows you to think. Patience affords you the opportunity to engage in alternate perspectives analysis. Patience allows the detour you are on to be ok because without patience, continuing down the current path could prove tragic. For some people, a lack of patience has proven fatal. Patience creates inner peace, serenity, and tranquility in one’s mind, if you allow it. Patience provides clarity and helps you slow down. Even if you received everything you wanted when you wanted it, could you handle it? When you are a good steward over the small and few things in life, you will have the opportunity to exercise that same ability when bigger prospects present themselves. Patience allows you to read, study, and learn about everything that is important in your life so when the time comes you will not only want to do better, you will have the proven ability to actually do better.

Embrace your power.

Embrace your power. Even if there is fear, do it scared. Your quest to become a better person, live life, make a difference, and leave your corner of the world better than when you found it begins with one step. Relax your mind. Let your conscience be free. Believe in yourself. Commit to action. Have the faith, desire, resilience, and patience necessary to fight any and all battles that will categorically come your way. Don’t be a victim of the circumstances. Chart your own course. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. If you want to do better…DO BETTER!!!

Charles Thomas Jr.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this article. Fantastic stuff and really reminds you of age old philosophy that will never retire its value. This article is allowing me to work a 12 hour day with a smile on.

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  5. Every word strikes a chord. We are truly blessed that we know how and what to do, to be able to live life out loud.

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