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Onto a New Beginning

These are often questions we ask ourselves around this time of year. These hypothetical questions leave us ambitious people digging and researching for answers. 2012 has come to an end and has become a mere chapter in our book. But before closing the chapter, let’s look into what these questions bring about.

“What if?”

Let’s start with the hypothetical, “What if?”. There is a quote that comes to mind when I ask myself this question; “do something now that will make the person you’ll be tomorrow proud to have been the person you are today”. When we reflect on the accomplishments, challenges, and endeavors of the past year, “What if?” always comes up. It is curiosity knocking on our doorstep testing our very own will. This curiosity can only bring about doubt. So why cause ourselves the headache of the “What if?” I believe it is because the ambitious are always looking for ways to test themselves. Curiosity itself is a test. It tests our very own will with the simple hypothetical question of  “What if?” to keep us in check. It keeps our character in check. It helps us to accept and realize that the decisions we have made cannot be undone or erased. We learn from our decisions and push forward.  The “What if?” contains answers that bring us full circle to the present, making our present a true reality in which we find ourselves asking, “What’s next?

 “What’s Next?”

I chuckle when I ask myself “What’s next?” I chuckle because the answers are limitless, but time is not. Time is limited and therefore planning is essential.  However, easier said than done! For some, planning is routine and for others planning is a “stress wave”.  Either way it is a requirement in order to be able to answer the question, “What’s Next?”. This hypothetical question stirs up new challenges. It opens our ambitious eyes to new ideas, new opportunities, and new tests. However, it also is a constant reminder of the plans we have already made, but failed to complete. This question all in all is our gas pedal. It is the go button! So in asking yourself  “What’s next?”, take into account the plans you have already made, but also create new plans and goals to move towards and conquer. Press GO and speed your way towards your answers!

 2012 is Over

2012 is over, but a new year is beginning, a clean slate.  Be ambitious. Challenge your will with curiosity.  Set your pace towards what’s next and forget the what ifs.  Trust yourself, your abilities, your ambition, and your will. Hit GO and as always #ThinkPositive!


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