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The Art of Flight

Travis Rice, a professional snowboarder, has become the definition of what it means to be ambitious. I remember walking through the halls of my university’s campus hearing the buzz about the movie “The Art of Flight”. It was a documentary sponsored by Red Bull, which captivated Travis Rice changing and influencing the sport of snowboarding. What was it that made The Art of Flight so influential?

Knowing all the risks and warnings, Travis Rice pushed

The Art of Flight was based on man conquering mountainous terrains that had yet to be conquered. There was a specific range named the Darwin Range, which lies at the southern tip of South America, off the coast of Patagonia. It was there that Travis Rice, along with Mark Landvick, made snowboarding history by being the first men to board the Darwin Range! Man had never touched this range of mountains. In fact, the citizens of Patagonia try to stay as far away from this specific range of mountains as they can. It’s an extreme safety hazard to travel there, due to lack of fuel. Knowing all the risks and warnings, Travis Rice pushed past the obstacles to make history for a sport he loves, but also to push him to a whole new level!

Embrace your art.

When I think about this amazing feat, I think about how I can apply my life to the Art of Flight. Better yet, I think about my art of flight! Whether it be flying while doing a double-cork-1080 or graduating at the top of your class, everyone has their own way of flying. Embrace your art. Embrace the fact that you are ambitious and that you too can go into uncharted waters within your prospective fields and make history. The ambitious are the only ones who can do it! It is our responsibility to make history, to push others, to influence, to create, to inspire. We have the power to make an impact.

I leave you with this, grab your art and fly. Fly like Travis Rice, persevere  through your obstacles and proceed into uncharted mountains. Make history, make an impact, and as always #ThinkPositive.

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