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The American Dream…

What does this mean? – to some, it means being able to go out to a baseball game and enjoy a hotdog, to some it means freedom, to others it means having the opportunity to do what ever it is you want -within the bounds of ethics and reality. To me it means being able to go from your current position in life to where ever you see fit with effort as the fuel. 

The Dream is Dead:

I consistently hear people saying the American Dream is dead – that all the corporations destroyed it – that the politicians took it away. I beg to differ and say that the American Dream is still very much alive, if not more than ever. I imagine that many of the greats – Rockefeller, Carnegie, and others never even bothered to take the time to ponder what had destroyed the dream – yet I am sure people were saying it was dead. Do you really think everyone’s confidence was in the American Dream when they were standing in soup lines back in the depression…NO!! The American Dream is what you make it – what you put into it is what you get it out.


Here is a link to an article showcasing what is so great about the American Dream. A man came to American with the hope of opening up his own yogurt shop. With the help of 5 employees and alot of hard work he not only conquered his dream but the Greek yogurt market, controling 47%!



Start thinking where the dream lives for you.

So rather than thinking about why the American Dream is dead, start thinking about where the American Dream lives for you and finding ways to expand on that. If you want some ideas please write some comments below or send in an email to This is something that we will look to discuss in our first google hang out. (coming soon)


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