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What Ambition Means To Me

Here is great post that one of our viewers sent in. It is her take on ambition – one that is similar to others in some way or another. Take a second to enjoy this great read and think to yourself – what does #Ambition mean to you?

Ambition is my ‘sub conscious mind’ therefore it’s me.

It gnaws away at me constantly but always quietly.  It’s sometimes hard to hear it over that really loud voice that is normally always fearful, angry and bitter.  But in those quiet moments that come over you, when you don’t realise that you are even thinking, the quiet but insistent voice reappears telling you what to do, what you want, how you really feel and the direction to take.  It’s up to me if I listen to it.

go for it

I didn’t hear or listen to this voice for a long time, decades even.  I was sort of aware that it was always there but I didn’t really know what it was, I actually thought I had a split personality.  I bounced constantly between the 2 voices.


While my loud conscious mind told me ‘you’re not good enough, play it safe, you’ll never succeed, this is too hard’, my sub conscious mind was quietly calmly telling me. ..‘You are great at what you do, you can do this, you are the best, follow and listen to me.’


‘What’s for you won’t go by you’

Take that anyway you like.  I attract all that I receive and this I have to believe so that I can learn from any mistakes I make and ignore negative people and attitudes who may try to get in my way.


As it happens, my dream / ambition is to sing and perform in Edinburgh’s largest theatre.  This will happen because the alternative isn’t an option.  I made life choices to be in my line of work, I have a passion that runs to the very depth of me. My Sub Conscious mind keeps me breathing, keeps all my organs functioning and its priority is to look after me first and foremost at all times and I trust it completely.  Therefore when it tells me that I am the best, I deserve the best and I will succceed, who am I to not believe it because I believe in me! 


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