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Ambition: From Geese

The title may seem a little bit strange and unconventional. However, the content of this post is nothing but raw ambitious content. It is short and simple, but can pierce your intellect with an acute burning sensational desire to do better.

Learning From Nature

Birds are some of the most intelligent animals on God’s green earth. They are known to sense weather conditions and cosmic changes far before even our incredibly advanced technology is able to. So many achievements in technology, science, and medicine can be attributed to what we have learned from birds. Now, you might be thinking: what the heck does this have to do with me and helping me become a greater ME?

Geese Know Leadership

If you have ever seen a flock of long-distance flying birds over your head, the chances are good that you have seen geese migrating. They will travel hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles to move locations to more hospitable weather. In Florida, where I live, I see Canadian Geese all the time in the winter. I know they have traversed extremely long distances. One thing I never fail to notice is their flying pattern. There is ALWAYS a leader. This leader is at the forefront of the group. The ones behind fall in place. This is by no accident. You see, the leader is the ambitious one. The leader breaks the initial wind resistance, and in effect allows the other geese to fly more efficiently. Without the leader and the triangle formation, the geese would never have enough energy to make it to their destination. I find this so fascinating.

Don’t be Complacent! 

It is very important to watch the flock closely and notice that that leader isn’t there the whole time. Another goose from the back of the triangle will eventually build up the courage and strength to make it to the front to take place of the leader. This allows the leader to take a break and move back in line a little bit. A lot of risk-averse individuals believe that they can follow the strategy of being a follower. Allowing their boss / industry leader / colleague / friends take the risk and make it to the front and just ride the coat-tails of someone else’s hard work. This is not the way to live. The problem with those people that essentially are avoiding remarkable careers and lives, will never end up as a leader


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  1. There’s a book called the ” Flight of the Buffalo Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Employees Lead.” by James Belasco and Ralph Stayer. they use Geese and the triangle as the primary analogy in the book. read it way back when in college and refer to it still

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