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Accomplishing 26 Hours in 24

Accomplishing 26 hours in 24. Keys to save time through your day everyday routines.  Time is something we all struggle with – it seems to go by too quickly when we need it and consistently seems like we don’t have enough of it. This article will give you some helpful hints as to how you can add time to your day by doing what you already do.

1. Have Deadlines:

We all know what it is like to be under pressure to complete a task. You ignore distractions and focus until it is done. So try giving yourself some deadlines for day-to-day activities – it will help you focus on pushing out distractions

2. The simple things:

a. Get an automatic coffee maker – avoid the delay of waiting for your coffee.
b. Have a recurring alarm so there is no need to reset.
c. Set up auto payments for your bills and set a time to review your transactions all at once rather than sporadically.

3. Multitask:

I admit that there are some things that you cannot and should not multitask while doing. But for some things there is really no excuse not to double up on your time.

a. When you are driving or taking a bus why not listen to an audio book, review recorded notes, etc? Even if you only retain 30% of the book, this is more than you would have absorbed if you didn’t try at all. b. At the gym – try using an app such as Quizlets or bring notecards and review for a test or a new skill you are trying to learn between sets. c. Don’t let time go to waste – use it to salvage a review or at least add something that you otherwise would not have.

4. Avoid distractions:

a. Turn off notifications – help yourself remain focused. You can check periodically but if you are constantly hearing a new alert every 5 minutes it will be hard to stay focused on anything.
b. Avoid scavenger hunts – rather than consistently searching and tearing apart your house for your phone, wallet, and keys make a designated spot where you always put them – after a few days of following this you will have created a habit of placing them in the same spot – saving countless minutes on searching.

5. Prepare to use your time:

Prepare a list of what you want to get accomplished the day before – try ranking your list so that the important things are completed first. Just knowing what you need to do in a day will keep you focused. This can also help you to make errands efficient. Rather than making circles to run errands you can run one smooth route that hits all of your destinations.

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