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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

This past weekend I had the privilege, honor, and pleasure of attending “Music’s Biggest Night”, the 55th Annual Grammy Awards!  Although I wasn’t there due to a nomination, I was there as a member of GrammyU and most importantly as a testament to my ambition. Throughout the day, all I could think about was my story and my future. This article will give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about me, my passion, and what I took away from “Music’s Biggest Night”.

Being raised by a probation officer created my foundation and my passion for law.  I always enjoyed going to court hearings, but most of all I enjoyed watching the litigators.  I realized at the age of 13 that I wanted to become an attorney, although, I hadn’t yet figured out what kind of attorney.  I knew for sure that criminal law wasn’t my thing, due to the strength of my morals and beliefs.

However at around the same age, I fell in love with music.  I always liked music, but my interest really spiked in high school!  It became a part of who I was as an individual and motivated me to learn an instrument, the guitar. Let’s just say that I wasn’t coordinated for guitar, although I played for two years. I sat behind a drum set for the first time in my junior year and it became a home!  Doing the typical high school garage band thing for two years and a half created awesome memories and really made me realize what I wanted to do with my future and that was to fuse two passions of mine together and become an entertainment attorney.

It is crazy to look back and reiterate my story, but what is even crazier is that this weekend I realized why I am so passionate about the music and entertainment industry. Being around music’s biggest names is truly humbling and inspirational. Networking, catching up, and hearing congratulations are all you see and hear walking through the lobbies and red carpet. Everyone knows each other and are just there to support one another, while also showing a little bit of healthy competitiveness.  It was an obstacle that made me realize my passion, separating the fan from the professional.

Think about it for one second.

Think about it for one second. Your biggest idols are all around you. They are five feet away from you! I’ll be honest; I caught myself pondering whether or not to take pictures with some of my biggest idols or get an autograph.  Who wouldn’t? However, I realized that I don’t want to be a fan anymore. I want to be a friend, a colleague, an attorney, and most of all an influence in the industry. I realized at that moment that the industry became another home. However, that was not the only lesson I took away.

Acceptance speeches go one of two ways…they are either outright ridiculous or inspirational but a majority, no matter where they fall, still share a common theme, passion.  Whether it was Skrillex or Omar Akram, a New Age musician, passion was the biggest part of their speech.  Every winner humbly said thank you, but also said to every musician out there to keep making music, to keep doing what you love to do.  A Grammy winner said that people only invest in those that do what they love to do. He had been asked to see how his “investments” were doing. He replied that by investing in someone’s dreams and in fulfilling theirs, you then reach and fulfill yours as well.

Make an Investment  

So how does one make an investment in someone? Well, think about those times you become acquainted with someone. Did that person leave a lasting impression? Did they leave you wanting more? These are the questions you should not only be asking yourself when meeting someone new, but you should be able to answer them as well. Who you are and what you do is a reflection of whether or not someone will take a chance on you! Be smart about the ones you choose to be a part of your network because your network is a reflection of what you have to bring to the table. Invest your time into those that will help you achieve what you have set out to achieve from the starting line.

Do The Hustle

            “The Hustle” is all about endless effort. “The Hustle” reflects that idea of never stopping by putting a halt on your dreams. It reminds us to keep going and to stay strong through all the ups and downs of our careers. “The Hustle” is all about sacrifice, endurance, dedication but most of all enrichment. It is all about enriching your industry through your passion and your endless effort. Remember that your industry is a reflection of the effort, “The Hustle”, of all those involved. Go forth and enrich!

I leave you with this. Forget about who buys or doesn’t buy into you and your story, but focus on doing what you love; your passion. When you are in pursuit of your dreams or have achieved what you have always dreamed, you will be reminded and will remember why you have that passion. Take a Grammy winner’s advice, keep doing what you love to do, keep creating what you love to create, keep enriching your industry because one day someone will invest in your future and when they do make sure you have a network to back you up every step of the way! Stay strong, stay thirsty, invest, do “The Hustle”, enrich your industry, and as always #ThinkPositive!

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