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10 Original Ways to Save Money

Money, we’re always looking ways to earn more but here’s 10 original ways you can save the money you already have. The raise generated from within.


1. Be Your Own Handy Man

Let’s face it it – most house repairs are small jobs that cost way more to have someone come out to do the job than it is actually worth. Well right there is 1 answer, give it a try yourself. Home Depot or Lowes staff are always willing to help if you are able to layout a specific job. If it’s something you’re not comfortable with like electrical work or plumbing hire someone; but try making it a personal project to put up that next shelf in the garage.


2. Buy Used!

Most items can be found in great condition at a huge discount used, 10%-80% off! There are  great sites that can give you confidence when purchasing, if you receive an item and it isn’t in the condition promised you can receive a full refund. Check out eBay.com and Amazon.com. You can also look to sell your used items on these same sites and put them towards new purchases.


3. Buy in Bulk

If you know you are going to need something again why not buy in bulk or subscribe? By buying in bulk you can receive a great discount. Try buying some bulk frozen groceries or large amounts of household items like toothpaste from Amazon.com or the likes of Costco.

discounts4. Pool Your Money

For services like cell phone bills try pooling your money with friends. You can open up a family account for your cell phone bill and receive up to 50% off what it would cost you to have the same stand alone plan. If needed make sure whoever will be paying the full monthly bill has a deposit from the other parties involved.

save money5. The Intelligent Coupon Search

Before buying anything online you should always do a quick coupon search to see if there are any promotional offers out there. Many times websites are offering free shipping or a percentage off! If you are able to find a forum for the website you are purchasing from do a search for “coupon” or any other variety that would be linked to discounts. Some sites change their coupons on a timely basis – you can overcome this by using the advanced forum search option and look for posts that are within the last 30 days or so.

save money6. Cook or Prepare Food at Home

Such a large portion of weekly expenses comes from purchased food. Why not cut this in half? By cooking food or preparing at home not only are you able to significantly cut down on cost you are also able to eat healthier since you know what is going in with preparation.

save money7. Get Deals on Your Weekend Activities

There are always places offering deals on activities and now companies like LivingSocial.com or Groupon.com work to congregate all the deals that matter to you in one place. You can find deals up to 80% off. A note of caution – always check out reviews of the company offering the deal. Although most of the deals are from good companies looking to find new customers some can be from bad companies just looking to make a quick buck.


save money

8. Wash Laundry in Cold Water

By washing your laundry in cold water you can dramatically cut down on the electricity used to do a wash. There are detergents made specifically for cold water washes that are engineered to wash better with the use of cold.

save money

9. Give YourSelf a Haircut

This may seem like a scary one but for most people a haircut is a pretty generic process. If you fall into this category try giving one to yourself. A set of clippers will cost you $30 and will pay for themselves with one use. There are plenty of tutorials and videos to give you confidence in cutting your own hair.

coupon10. Get Rid of Your Cable Bill

Cable is an expensive reoccurring charge, why not get rid of it? There is such a plethora of free content available on the likes of Hulu.com or you can pay only when you actually want to watch something. Think of Redbox, Amazon.com Prime services, and NetFlix.


If you have any other great ideas please add them below – we always love hearing new ideas.



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